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By saying that let me fill you with a quote so that you can understand better.


“ Look If one person tells you you’re a horse , they are crazy. If three people tell you you’re a horse, There’s conspiracy afoot. If ten people tell you you’re a horse,it’s time to buy a saddle”

just like that, out there people marked our studio as best tattoo studio, best painless piercing studio, best studio for free consultation, pocket friendly, great atmosphere, awesome behavior, best custom design etc many more.

so now check for yourself and visit our studio


Getting a tattoo from us means creating a whole new memory,

because every design we put on our client’s skin is a unique and a single piece. We just draw your desire to your skin.

most people are afraid of getting their skin pierced, because of the complications they go through after it’s done.

that’s where we provide the best service with the best aftercare.

A beautiful form to decorate your palm, originated in India. It can enhance your ethnic look on any of your special occasions.

custom made by our professional artists, as per your need.

It’s a completely new way to custom your nails into a beautiful masterpiece.

With much care and much surveillance, our beauticians would try to enhance your beauty.

sticker base and spray base, these two type of temporary tattoo are out there, If you have desired to get inked but not for a long term then you can go on with this.

To learn the art of tattoo, where you can play with your artistic imagination and earn limitlessly, meet with our best expert and proper guidance and in no time you can achieve anything.

Get you customized portrait art today. portrait art or face drawing is a painting, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person. portrait art can be done in various ways like black and white or black and grey and color. black and white portrait art requires pencil and charcoal, whereas color portrait art requires color mediums like watercolor, color pencil, acrylic color, color pen, etc.

Wall Painting is a very vast topic for an Artist as all the wall paintings out there contains some deep meaning in, and we are here to help you with your imagination.


If you’ve got an idea in mind for your tattoo but confused for a few reasons then please be happy to go to our studio for a free consultation because we do not charge any consultation fee. Doesn’t matter if you get any service from us or not, we do not push anyone to purchase any service from us

our expertise

two sitting table in tattoo studio

After Sales Service

Doesn't matter what service you have taken from us, we always look after our client so that they can stay worry less.

Custom Service

Customized or hand crafted things are always great because you always get a single piece and unique product.


Creating the perfect atmosphere at our studio is fundamental for you and for us to stay happy, more focused, and relaxed.

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