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Here at artifice tattoo It doesn’t matter if you want a small or huge tattoo, it’s about creating a design that connects your memory, bonding, passion, work, or whatever that reminds you to stay happy. It’s an experience to get a tattoo from Artifice Tattoo, it isn’t just about inks and needles, it’s about connecting to our clients to a deeper level to know the very core purpose and emotions attached to the tattoo, and bringing it to life within the form of tattoo design. Be it small tattoo ideas, tattoos for ladies, tattoos for boys, or tattoos for men, we’ve executed a number of the most effective reasonably designs that you simply can find in our portfolio.

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Our studio location in Khardah and Barrackpore so visit and get your customized design done.


Don’t fear about price because we provide free consultation so you don’t have to get inked if you don’t want to.


Never fear about your design getting leaked because we never share the original design online.


If you’ve got an idea in mind for your tattoo, piercing, nail art, temporary tattoo, mehndi, scarification but confused for a few reasons then please be happy to go to our studio for a free consultation because we do not charge any consultation fee. Doesn’t matter if you get any service from us or not, we do not push anyone to purchase any service from us and if someone did then please report at +917003642788.

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