Finding best temporary tattoo?

Temporary tattoo is a new fascination in the tattoo industry where one doesn’t need a temporary tattoo machine to get it done. Temporary tattoo in Kolkata means artifice tattoo studio where you'll be able to choose a temporary tattoo which is paper-based or sticker based or temporary tattoo with an airbrush.

You can’t get a temporary tattoo done at home, you have got to go looking for a temporary tattoo artist. you can also search for temporary tattoo artists near me or visit a temporary tattoo shop where you’ll get an idea about the entire procedure also about what the cost/charges are.
At our studio, we offer custom temporary tattoo designs
if you're not allowed to get a permanent tattoo done then this can be a very good option for you a.
a temporary tattoo is allowed in Islam also so here is your opportunity to get a tattoo done, look cool also not hurt your ethics.

Why Us?

Customized Design

Get single piece, fully customized tattoo design.


Our high quality temporary tattoo lasts longer more then you can imagine.

waterproof tattoo

for our high quality material for which our temporary tattoos are waterproof.


with our cool temporary tattoo you can upgrade your looks.

Tattoo Ideas

we provide unique temporary tattoos, so you'll always look cool and awesome.

After Care

temporary tattoo aftercare is not a huge thing, you just have to care for it.


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