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A Tattoo is part of Body Modification Where A Design is created By Inserting Ink And Pigments with the help of multiple needles. these tattoo needles are equipped with a tattoo machine, without it needle won't work or push ink into the skin and the tattoo machine works with tattoo power supply at some certain power level which is set up by the artist.
these inks are either Indelible Or Temporary which pushed Into The Dermis Layer Of The Skin to change The default human skin Pigment color.
and 95% of items we use while tattooing is disposable which means, after a single use we dispose of them in front of you except tattoo machine and tattoo grip. so, check if your artist disposing them or reusing them.

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Our Services


Getting a tattoo from us means creating a whole new memory,

because every design we put on our client's skin is a unique and a single piece. We just draw your desire to your skin.


most people are afraid of getting their skin pierced, because of the complications they go through after it's done.

that's where we provide the best service with the best aftercare.


A beautiful form to decorate your palm, originated in India. It can enhance your ethnic look on any of your special occasions.

custom made by our professional artists, as per your need.

Nail Art

It's a completely new way to custom your nails into a beautiful masterpiece.

With much care and much surveillance, our beauticians would try to enhance your beauty.

Temporary Tattoo

sticker base and spray base, these two type of temporary tattoo are out there, If you have desired to get inked but not for a long term then you can go on with this.

Tattoo Training

To learn the art of tattoo, where you can play with your artistic imagination and earn limitlessly, meet with our best expert and proper guidance and in no time you can achieve anything.

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Tattoos Heritage

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A Story Never Told. Until Now.


Artifice Tattoo understands the core values of your imagination about what you would like to get and its utmost importance of maintaining the creativity and authenticity of every design, and to attain this we always create a single piece custom design that matches your imagination. we never force anyone or ask anyone to buy any service from us so if anyone did then report at art2artifice@gmail.com.

Our designers AnnDy and Biswa, have created various custom tattoo designs that always got a huge response from all our viewers. Our designs are tailor-made to suit your imagination so you never have to think again that "why did I get this tattoo done?"

It doesn't matter if you want a small or huge tattoo, it's about creating a design that connects your memory, bonding, passion, work, or whatever that reminds you to stay happy. It's an experience to get a tattoo from Artifice Tattoo, it isn't just about inks and needles, it's about connecting to our clients to a deeper level to know the very core purpose and emotions attached to the tattoo, and bringing it to life within the form of tattoo design. Be it small tattoo ideas, tattoos for ladies, tattoos for boys, or tattoos for men, we've executed a number of the most effective reasonably designs that you simply can find in our portfolio.


If you've got an idea in mind for your tattoo, piercing, nail art, temporary tattoo, mehndi, scarification but confused for a few reasons then please be happy to go to our studio for a free consultation because we do not charge any consultation fee. Doesn't matter if you get any service from us or not, we do not push anyone to purchase any service from us and if someone did then please report at +917003642788.


You can reach us at +917003642788 or write to us at art2artifice@gmail.com. We recommend you to consult first before getting any tattoo, piercing, nail art, mehndi, temporary tattoo, tattoo removal. A fresh discussion with our professional artists you
can understand what options would suit you the best!

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Tattoo Artist
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Founder | Artist

Meet Our Team

Where all came from an artistic background, which means every thing we create are absolutely hand crafted and unique.

if you want to join our team thenΒ 

Sayantan Saha
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Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value Today i got a nose piercing and ear piercing from anndy..and it was totaly painless..he is amazingly professional and friendly guy by nature..and i just love the piercing wt i need accordingly he did it so perfectly..and last but not the list it's very pocket friendly by pricing according to the service...and guys who want to do piercing or tattoo visit this place..thank you so much and anndy and team..
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Got a tattoo last night and it was my first time getting inked so naturally I was a bit nervous but had such a great first experience. Super hygienic, great ambiance and Andy( the artist) is very skillful. To top it off the price is very affordable too. Can't wait to have more.
Projit Giri
Read More
Yesterday it was awesome experience in this field. Great tattoo artist , I was found that how they were maintaining the hygiene factors. After get it done Artist told me that very few simple process to maintain the tattoo. Great bro next time I will be there. Good job done. Absolutely no pain.
Rupasree Bagchi
Local Guide
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It was my first time getting inked last night and needles to say I am overjoyed. From customized designs to finally getting tattooed, everything went really well. Good ambiance, friendly behavior, well maintained hygiene, and great tattoo artists, and above all it was a very comfortable experience even though I had it done on a sensitive place. Thank you Andy da and to the other tattoo artist.
Rohan Pal
Read More
Great place, great ambiance. Can be very easily located. Cheap rates. Helps in getting a better design of your choice. Works at your comfort, takes care of the tattoo well. After service, 5/5.
Deep Das
Read More
Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value Tnks biswa da for a awesome tattoo .....
The Boy Wandering In Earth
Read More
It was a dream to tattoo every new piece from a new artist , but yes this guy changed my mind , already 2 from him, more to go , a person who believes in creativity , who maintains hygiene, who is always ready to help you , who has a pleasing smile , what else do we need πŸ™‚
Read More
A wonderful tattoo hub in Khardah. A place where the tattoo master Andy is exceptionally very friendly and polite. So dont worry if you are going as a first timer like me. Excellent design sense and the hospitality I received today has no words. I suggest everyone to come once and feel free to do a tattoo with Andy.
Jit Ghosh
Local Guide
Read More
This is my first tattoo and i have a great n wonderful experience. You guys are awesome and great artist man.. Too much friendly and reasonable price.. Thanks to you AnnDy da.. Work Hard nd Keep growing
Soma Ghosh
Read More
Look, I don't know how anndy does it but it hurts less then eyebrows. Like seriously and how he always makes such awesome design , just wow. And aftercare is totally different from others. Where you don't have to worry about anything. Anyway thank you anndy for the tattoo.
Priyanka Saha
Read More
Excellent job with great efficiency and perfection......I really became surprised that he (Andy) completed the tattoo within 10 to 15 minutes only....great job....we must visit the "Artifice tattoo studio" again very soon for the next one. Thank you.
Eshan B
Local Guide
Read More
Thank you for this creative one, Anndy 10 out of 10 for your professionalism, yes it matters and Biswa thanks to you for the tattoo specially, we will meet soon πŸ”œ & being a local guide of Google, I must suggest this..
Bishal Guha
Read More
few days ago i've got a big ink from here & i'm totally satisfied with the work..our brothers Andy & Biswa both are 100% trustworthy artists to get a lifetime ink from them..i'm suggesting all my friends to have a experience at here because this is a right place for all those tattoo lovers who wants a perfect on point tattoo with a reasonable price..😊😊
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Aniruddha Sarkar
Local Guide
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Excellent location. Artist Anndy is nice and professional. Clarity for customization , good craftsmanship and maintenance of hygiene are assured. Very much pocket friendly compared to others . No parking and still card payment not acceptable.
Read More
Amazing experience got a piercing done here. It was a bit skeptical for me because of successful Piercing. The artist ANNDY was amazing, superb finishing, and no pain at all. It was buttery smooth. Thanks again to ANNDY and Artifice Tattoo Studio. Highly recommended for all who wants to get Tattoos & Piercing. Want to visit again soon.

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