Piercing in kolkata

If you search for piercing places in kolkata or piercing parlor near me to find the best piercing studio or piercing parlor, then artifice tattoo studio is always on top on the list.

you can get painless nose piercing, painless ear piercing, painless septum piercing, painless eyebrow piercing, painless lip piercing from us.

and please don't get pierced at hospital or by a doctor.

get Ear piercing,Belly button piercing, Nose piercing, Helix piercing, Septum piercing, Eyebrow piercing, Lip piercing, Tongue piercing, Christina piercing, Navel Piercing, Nipple piercing from us.

Painless Piercing

Get pierced in a painless way, no side effects or anything.


Get 100% healing guarantee in totally natural way.


We use only stainless steel jewelries for all our piercing and studs are included.

Piercing Ideas

Get cool ideas for your next piercing, we only suggest what is good for your looks.

After Care

With our aftercare you can stay focused on your work without worrying about piercing.

full ear piercing which includes helix and lobe piercing

Ear piercing

Searching for painless ear piercing or painless piercing? then this is the right place for you, why? because we provide every kind for ear piercing in painless way, providing best aftercare and stainless steel jewelries.

lets see how many kind of ear piercing are there,

Helix piercing, which is done on upper ear of the cartilage.
Forward Helix, which is done on little lower area of where helix piercing is done. know more by clicking the link below

bottom lips piercing and top lip piercing

Lip piercing

Lip piercing is usually a well-liked choice due to the availability of favor options.

one can get piercing on middle lower lip aka labret piercing, on both side of lower lip aka Snake bites piercing, on the upper lip between the space of nose and upper lip aka Medusa piercing, on side of upper lips like Merlin Monroe aka Monroe piercing, on middle-upper lips aka jestrum piercing.

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painless tongue piercing with stainless steel jewelry

Tongue piercing

painless nose piercing

Septum piercing

septum is the cartilage in the nose that split-up the nostril, also the lower part of nose where septum piercing is done.

our professional piercing artist at artifice tattoo studio arranges this very efficiently , which means you will get full aftercare support from us and we ensure safety by using single use disposable piercing needle for all our piercings.

then full protection is ensured for the whole safety procedure by providing stainless steel jewelries.


Nose Piercing

painless navel piercing or belly button piercing

Navel or belly button piercing

Watch the video


Eyebrow piercing

christina or genital piercing photo

Genital piercing

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