artifice tattoo influencers program

When it comes to youngsters and influencers there is no social media platform better than Instagram and Facebook. Well known platforms for both youngsters as well as many influencers like you where many people as well as businesses share their thoughts, ideas, works and much more. So as a reputed tattoo studio we do the same too and we want you to give the opportunity to become our BRAND ASSOCIATE so that we can share our thoughts & works with as many persons possible as well as give you an opportunity to get recognition from our studio.

You may ask what's the benefit?

Here's what you'll get from us.

  1. 3-5 inches tattoo of your choice.
  2. Color realism (if you want).
  3. Color protection guarantee.
  4. Advance aftercare.
  5. Fast healing.

Whether you are eligible or not depends on only one Criteria. Fulfill it and get your tattoo done.

You must have at least 10k followers.

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