Tattoo Insurance


Although getting a tattoo from us is an assurance of quality and color then also we are providing this service.

Why is that?

The reason for that is as a human being, error can also be made by anyone. However, since we started our studio, only 2% of our client ever came back for retouching.

So, what is tattoo insurance?

Ever seen someone’s tattoo gets faded away? Of course, you have. There is various reason for that, we are not going to discuss that today. What concerns us is: who is going to take the responsibility for that. If you ask the tattoo studio who have done the tattoo will charge a huge amount of money.

That is the reason we thought to introduce TATTOO INSURANCE.

What you’ll get is:

Retouching if your tattoo gets faded away.

color refiling.


For Artifice Tattoo Studio’s members: ₹100 (one time); validity: 5 Years

For outside members: ₹500 (one time); validity: 2 Years

Terms & Conditions

  1. The pricing is for only one tattoo. If the insurance is for two or more tattoos the price will increase.
  2. If anything happens to your tattoo due to your own negligence, we will not take any responsibility.
  3. Only minor touchups will be given for your faded tattoo and color loss.
  4. This Insurance covers, if your tattoo gets scratched by accident, pets, child.
  5. We will not take any responsibility, if your tattoo gets messed up due to direct UV sun light.