Why Do We Give Free Tattoo?

To answer the question, we have to make you experience something.

It’s a cold December night. Exactly at 12 AM is your birthday. You are waiting enthusiastically for your best buddies to wish you, but as the time passed from 12:00 to 12:01 to 12:02 to 12:03, nothing happened. You felt a sense of disappointment from inside. As you are getting ready to sleep with a little anger and disappointment within your heart, suddenly, at 12:05 AM, you heard your calling bell rang. And it’s ranging continuously. You got a little annoyed, and with a disturbing mood, you opened the door and heard a mixture of voices wishing you “Happy Birthday.”

What will be your feeling? Just imagine.

That’s what happens when we give free tattoos because hundreds of people apply for the free tattoo, and you are 1 out of 10 winners among hundreds of people applied.

But the question that arises here “Is it for our promotion purpose?”

To decide that you need to know about the 5 Reasons Why We Give Free Tattoos.

You are important to us.🌻

We believe where we stand today is because of you and all the peoples who are supporting us. Without your support, we are nothing. We feel the importance and that’s why we will never leave you. There is nothing we can compare with your support for us. But we give this free tattoo so that at least we can present you with some gifts.

We believe in giving as much as we consume from our society.

We believe it is our social duty to give a part of our earnings to society. It’s selfish thinking to only consume without giving anything.


And apart from selfishness, social duty, it gives us mental satisfaction. And, that’s what we need. That happens to you as well.

Have you ever given something selflessly to someone?

If yes, then you have felt wonderful because of their smile. Right?

And we feel the same when we give free tattoos.

And that helps us to work more efficiently.

To put a smile on your face.

As Mother Teresa Said; Peace begins with a smile, and we want that smile of yours because you are important.

Just imagine the joy of the day when you’ll visit us to get tatted as a winner.

Can you feel something inside your heart?

For you, it’s a joy to win. For us, it’s a form of satisfaction that we were able to give you the feeling of joy.

Our studio can reach anyone through shares.

There are so many wonderful people out there who want to know more about tattoo design or have an open consultation with an artist before getting tattooed. As we provide Free Consultation, we can hear all their interests and suggest something unique and new. Unfortunately, neither they know us nor we know them.

So, when we give free tattoos, we can share the experience with so many peoples with the help of the winners.

Getting inked is a wonderful experience.

Getting inked is a wonderful experience, but the question is why. Just feel the buzz sound of the tattoo machine. In a blink of the eye, the stencil will be completed and the artist gets ready to fill the ink on your skin, you will feel an unknown fear after seeing the tattoo needle. However, when the artist starts to work on your skin, you feel nothing apart from the feeling of someone pinching you. The relief you’ll feel at that time is a wonderful experience.

And that’s why we conduct this free tattoo giveaway so that the people who cannot afford a big tattoo can go through this wonderful experience.

So what is your decision now?

Whatever your decision is… you still can join us for our free tattoo giveaway.

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